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La Luna Nel Pozzo

B&B Bed & Breakfat Eventi AGRITURISMO Gastronomia Gastronomy Rooms Stanze Appartamento Apartmen

One evening, Hodja was walking near a well when he felt the need to look inside. Amazed, he saw the reflection of the moon in the water and exclaimed: "The moon has fallen into the well, I have to save it!" He looked around and picked up a rope with a hook. Then, he threw it in the well and shouted: "Grab the hook, moon, and hold it tight! I'll get you out." The rope entangled itself in a rock inside the well and Hodja pulled the rope toward him with all his strength. Suddenly, the hook freed itself from the rock and Hodja ended up lying on the ground. With his eyes turned to heaven, he saw the moon in the sky above him. "All that effort was worth it! I managed to free the moon from the well," he said with a sigh of relief.

The name La luna nel pozzo (The moon in the well) was inspired by this ancient tale of a Turkish philosopher written in the year 1200. UNICEF took it and adapted to children's fairytale in a beautiful illustrated booklet whose collection goes in favor of the project "we adopt Malawi". You can get it through us with just a small donation.


Anna Maria: I graduated in art history and worked both at the university and as superintendent. Then, for many years, I was managing my family clothing stores. In recent years, I have been involved as a store manager in a prestigious and beloved brand. However, my real passions have always been the furnishing and design of interior spaces using, recovering and reinterpreting home furnishings. La luna nel pozzo tells my story and what I love.

Michele: is an appassionato "host". He loves to surround by people, to welcome them and to make them feel at home.

We are lucky to have people in our family who collaborate on our project in a fantastic way:

Paola: how to describe her ... an interior and garden designer, excellent cook ... in one word "an artist". Every decorative intervention done in the house was done by her! If you visit the site of Paola and Francesco ( you will see what they are capable of doing!!!

María Salomé: graduated in chemistry, and obtained a PhD in natural sciences. But above all, she is passionate about food, eco-sustainability and agriculture.

Ugo and Miss Peabody: the four-legged components of our family.


What is La luna nel pozzo for us? It is the commitment to share with our guests not only our passion and our commitment to respect nature and the environment.

The collection of organic waste for composting together with the seasonal pruning ensures us a garden soil and natural fertilizer for our vegetable garden in boxes that together with the ancient fruits and the small vineyard, was thought to offer jams of our own production for breakfasts, homemade cakes and freshly harvested fruits and vegetables.


Andy Warhol said ... "I think having land and not ruining it is the most beautiful art that anybody could ever want to own ".

Working for the earth and with the earth, it seems natural to use and reinterpret the old painting techniques: milk, lime, cocciopesto, tuff and vegetable colors.


These pictorial techniques are our philosophy from which we started for all the paintings in the house.

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